u16_seg0 u16_seg1 u16_seg2 u16_seg3 u16_seg4


u18_seg0 u18_seg1 u18_seg2 u18_seg3



u22_seg0 u22_seg1 u22_seg2 u22_seg3





u30_seg0 u30_seg1 u30_seg2 u30_seg3 u30_seg4 u30_seg5


u32_seg0 u32_seg1 u32_seg2 u32_seg3 u32_seg4 u32_seg5 u32_seg6


u34_seg0 u34_seg1 u34_seg2 u34_seg3


u36_seg0 u36_seg1 u36_seg2 u36_seg3



u40_seg0 u40_seg1 u40_seg2







u52_seg0 u52_seg1 u52_seg2 u52_seg3 u52_seg4


u54_seg0 u54_seg1 u54_seg2 u54_seg3



u58_seg0 u58_seg1 u58_seg2 u58_seg3





u66_seg0 u66_seg1 u66_seg2 u66_seg3 u66_seg4 u66_seg5


u68_seg0 u68_seg1 u68_seg2 u68_seg3 u68_seg4 u68_seg5 u68_seg6


u70_seg0 u70_seg1 u70_seg2 u70_seg3


u72_seg0 u72_seg1 u72_seg2 u72_seg3



u76_seg0 u76_seg1 u76_seg2







u88_seg0 u88_seg1 u88_seg2 u88_seg3 u88_seg4


u90_seg0 u90_seg1 u90_seg2 u90_seg3



u94_seg0 u94_seg1 u94_seg2 u94_seg3





u102_seg0 u102_seg1 u102_seg2 u102_seg3 u102_seg4 u102_seg5


u104_seg0 u104_seg1 u104_seg2 u104_seg3 u104_seg4 u104_seg5 u104_seg6


u106_seg0 u106_seg1 u106_seg2 u106_seg3


u108_seg0 u108_seg1 u108_seg2 u108_seg3



u112_seg0 u112_seg1 u112_seg2







u124_seg0 u124_seg1 u124_seg2 u124_seg3 u124_seg4


u126_seg0 u126_seg1 u126_seg2 u126_seg3



u130_seg0 u130_seg1 u130_seg2 u130_seg3





u138_seg0 u138_seg1 u138_seg2 u138_seg3 u138_seg4 u138_seg5


u140_seg0 u140_seg1 u140_seg2 u140_seg3 u140_seg4 u140_seg5 u140_seg6


u142_seg0 u142_seg1 u142_seg2 u142_seg3


u144_seg0 u144_seg1 u144_seg2 u144_seg3



u148_seg0 u148_seg1 u148_seg2







u160_seg0 u160_seg1 u160_seg2 u160_seg3 u160_seg4


u162_seg0 u162_seg1 u162_seg2 u162_seg3



u166_seg0 u166_seg1 u166_seg2 u166_seg3





u174_seg0 u174_seg1 u174_seg2 u174_seg3 u174_seg4 u174_seg5


u176_seg0 u176_seg1 u176_seg2 u176_seg3 u176_seg4 u176_seg5 u176_seg6


u178_seg0 u178_seg1 u178_seg2 u178_seg3


u180_seg0 u180_seg1 u180_seg2 u180_seg3



u184_seg0 u184_seg1 u184_seg2







u196_seg0 u196_seg1 u196_seg2 u196_seg3 u196_seg4


u198_seg0 u198_seg1 u198_seg2 u198_seg3



u202_seg0 u202_seg1 u202_seg2 u202_seg3





u210_seg0 u210_seg1 u210_seg2 u210_seg3 u210_seg4 u210_seg5


u212_seg0 u212_seg1 u212_seg2 u212_seg3 u212_seg4 u212_seg5 u212_seg6


u214_seg0 u214_seg1 u214_seg2 u214_seg3


u216_seg0 u216_seg1 u216_seg2 u216_seg3



u220_seg0 u220_seg1 u220_seg2







u232_seg0 u232_seg1 u232_seg2 u232_seg3 u232_seg4


u234_seg0 u234_seg1 u234_seg2 u234_seg3



u238_seg0 u238_seg1 u238_seg2 u238_seg3





u246_seg0 u246_seg1 u246_seg2 u246_seg3 u246_seg4 u246_seg5


u248_seg0 u248_seg1 u248_seg2 u248_seg3 u248_seg4 u248_seg5 u248_seg6


u250_seg0 u250_seg1 u250_seg2 u250_seg3


u252_seg0 u252_seg1 u252_seg2 u252_seg3



u256_seg0 u256_seg1 u256_seg2




I've been working to improve the functionality of the penal system since college. The two main ways I've been doing this are through prison education programs and political work to change the current structure.


I enjoy the play and exploration of the oldest surviving game on earth.


We've all got to eat. Might as well eat well. I enjoy making modernist cuisine.


I've designed an audio cable with a new geometry which colours the sound less than any audio cable thus far developed.


My research interests are diverse, unlike most mathematicians. Most of the things I explore are of more abstract variety: topology, differential geometry, and so forth.

Quantum Cryptography

The most exciting innovation in computing since the transistor is the idea of a quantum computer.


I like music. I've had a few bands, and we've done a few records. The ones that did well were pretty silly, though.


I've been teaching math at the college level since I was an undergraduate myself, and it's one of my favourite activities.

Michael Laufer | Math Ronin